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Coding and Auditing
Payroll and Human Resource
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Catering to the Client

Healthcare Solutions WNY offers a wide array of services all geared towards maximizing our clients’ revenue potential. We offer billing and coding services, as well as a variety of consulting and practice management solutions. Healthcare Solutions WNY recognizes that every situation is unique and we will customize our solutions to meet your needs with flexible terms and affordable fees.
- Billing and Accounts Receivable - Management
- Coding, Compliance and Auditing
- Accounting and Financial
- Payroll and Human Resources
- Credentialing
- Practice Start-up and Development
- Consulting

Benefits of Outsourcing

Ask yourself these questions?

- What are the days in accounts receivable?
- What percentage of accounts receivable is over 90 days?
- Has a coding audit been performed for the providers?
- Has the encounter form been reviewed lately?
- Has the fee structure been analyzed?
- Are you charging for all the services rendered?
- How often are claims processed?
- Who performs the follow-up on denied claims?
- Are secondary/tertiary claims processed?
- Are the providers credentialed with all the payors?
- Are there sufficient internal controls to prevent embezzlement?

If you cannot answer these and other questions about your practice, we can help you!
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In-House Billing vs. Outsourcing

Annual Revenues$700,000
Annual Billing Related Expenses 
Rent & Utilities$1,500
Office Supplies$500
Staff Turnover$2,000
Total In-House Billing Expenses$57,000
Expenses as a % of Revenues8.1%
Billing Fees for Outsourcing 4% - 6.5%

These in-house costs do not account for lack of internal controls, expertise, motivation to maximize revenue, etc.


Healthcare Solutions WNY was formed in 2003 as a one-stop-shop for practice management services.Our core values are honesty, integrity and providing services that are affordable.Our one-stop-shop model along with our core values has allowed us to become a seamless, working partner of physician practices.Click here to read about our Success Stories!

Success Stories

Outsourced Billing

A local, large orthopedic practice engaged Healthcare Solutions of WNY (HCSWNY) when they discovered some issues with their in-house billing process. HCSWNY performed a work-flow analysis from patient registration to the end of the collection process. The analysis showed some serious deficiencies in insurance verification, coding and follow-up of denials. The group then outsourced the billing function to HCSWNY after which they experienced a significant improvement in their cash collections bringing with it a major financial turnaround. The in-depth experience of HCSWNY in all aspects of billing helped to isolate the issues facing the practice.

Management Services

A new, local, primary practice found itself in a situation where their expenses far exceeded their revenues. The practice was not taking any stance on monitoring expenses or increasing revenue. There was little understating that salaries and wages paid from borrow funds was not sustainable. HCSWNY took the initiative to educate the physicians of this situation and with its plan of action helped curtail expenses and increase revenues. This practice is now a very successful business. HCSWNY was able to step in and stop the bleeding because of the one-stop shop model that allowed it access to all aspects of the business.

Practice Assessment

A department of the local School of Medicine recruited Healthcare Solutions WNY to review the effectiveness of its practice operations and staffing levels in order assess improvement opportunities. HCSWNY's management team reviewed and analyzed the work-flows, the department's procedures, technologies and the skill sets of the staff. HCSWNY was then able to provide the recommendations, work-flows and implementation processes necessary to improve the structure and operations of the practice. HCSWNY had the skills to engage this successful assessment.

Medical Practice Consulting

HCSWNY has assisted in the establishment of more than 20 new practices. It has led the efforts in establishing a complete array of financial services from equipment leasing to obtaining lines of credit to determining a practice management system/EMR. This alleviated the effort and worry for the providers that comes along with the daunting task of practice start-up. HCSWNY continues to provide a complete package of management services from billing, coding and credentialing to accounts payable and human resource services. With the help of HCSWNY, all these physician practices are now providing quality healthcare services and thriving throughout Western New York.


Employment Opportunities

We have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of practice management solutions. As a growing enterprise, we are always looking for new talent in various areas:
- Medical Billing Specialist
- Certified Medical Coder
- Customer Service Specialist
- Accountant
- Accounts Payable Specialist
If you are a dynamic individual with a strong work ethic and positive attitude, please contact us!


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